Invisibilia by Fluid Interfaces

[ Invisible interaction to control interfaces; an exploration in the use of Augmented Reality and HMD to create a system that makes invisible data from our environment visible. This project is resonating because its use of invisible interaction through gesture, however their direction into wearable and traditional AR lies counter. ]


Neural Narratives 1: Phantom Limb by Pablo Palacio

[ Research of Pablo Palacio on machine learning to create embodied audio-visual performances discussing the relationship between body gesture and sonic gesture. His work comments on how “the scenario becomes a laboratory of processes of technogensis and the progressive virtualization of the human body and stream of consciousness.”]


Motus by TZM Creative Lab

[ A gestural musical instrument with auditory perspective; counter precedent for us because it is within the same domains however, they chose their exploration in the form of wearables ]


Symbol by Hitoshi Matsumoto

[ FILM: A man awakes in an empty room setting off a chain of events by touching part of a wall. We’re inspired by this film due to its satire, ambiguity and the unexpected outcome of when a person is put into a blank room; a direct precedent for our goal in creating an unguided learning and exploratory experience. ]